Interview with Marz Valle: Secrets to Perfect Bridal Makeup

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Maritza “Marz” Valle, the founder of MARZ Makeup + Hair, a highly sought-after team of makeup and hair professionals in South Florida. Marz’s journey into the beauty industry began after an unexpected layoff from her career as a high school teacher in 2008. Over the years, she transformed her solo operation into a full squad of talented artists known for making brides look flawless.

Maritza “Marz” Valle, Owner & Founder of Marz Makeup + Hair

Maritza “Marz” Valle, Owner & Founder of Marz Makeup + Hair

Marz, a Miami native, grew up collecting beauty tips from her makeup-loving mom and sister. Her passion for makeup was ignited at age 15 when her sister gave her a full face of makeup. From then on, she loved dolling up her friends and family. Even while teaching at-risk youths, Marz beautified her students for prom and other formal events. After being laid off during the recession, she turned her passion into a career, focusing on bridal makeup after her own wedding glam squad experience left her wanting more. Now, her team is known for their professionalism and ability to make every woman feel stunning on their special day.

Here are some insights Marz shared about bridal makeup:

Q. What makes bridal makeup different than everyday glam?

“Bridal makeup should stand out more than your normal, everyday makeup. You should still feel like yourself, yet look like the most glamorous version of yourself for your special day. Event makeup is applied in many layers so that when photographed or filmed, it does not get lost and still pops. What you think is a lot of makeup in person is significantly less noticeable in photos and videos.”

Q. How do I explain to my makeup artist what I want?

“Visuals help a lot. This gives the artist an idea of what draws your attention. From there, we will ask questions regarding makeup that will help us understand what look works for you.”

Q. I don’t wear much makeup and I’m afraid bridal makeup will be too much for me.

“This is a common and normal fear, but it must be taken into account that event makeup is applied mostly with photos in mind. The key is to find a balance where you feel comfortable and the makeup still looks great on camera.”

Q. Should I wear my hair up or down?

“Either one works. This all depends on your dress, your personal style, and the weather. We can help guide you based on these factors to ensure your look is cohesive and comfortable.”

Q. Is it possible for my hair and makeup to last all day in high heat and humidity?

“Yes, we apply the makeup to last all day. Hairstyling also involves a lot of product and steps to ensure longevity of style. Touch-up service is also a great resource to really ensure you look perfect all night long.”

To wrap up, bridal makeup is all about enhancing your natural beauty to look stunning on your big day. Marz and her talented team at MARZ Makeup + Hair are experts in making brides look and feel their best. For more tips or to book an appointment, contact Marz at:


Instagram: @marzmakeupandhair


Bride Kate, whose hair and makeup were flawlessly done by MARZ for her wedding. Kate’s elegant look perfectly highlights the expertise of Marz and her team. (Photos by Abby Hart Photo)
Shaina and her bridal squad looked absolutely ravishing with their makeup and hair done by MARZ. (Photos by Abby Hart Photo)


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