Type: Weddings.

Andrew & Abby

It’s hard to know where to begin on this one. I had been looking forward to shooting this wedding from the first time I talked with Andrew & Abby on the phone. While I didn’t personally know either of them, Andrew is also a photographer and we have quite a few mutual friends

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Scott and Heather

If there is anything I can say about Scott and Heather after meeting them on a perfect Saturday in Key West and photographing their wedding day, it would be that they are two of the most thoughtful and genuine people I’ve met in a long time.

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Chas & Kaitlyn

Oh where to even begin! I can’t count how many times I’ve teared up while working on these images. It was truly a pleasure to be a part of Kaitlyn and Chas’s special day. To see their selfless love for each other and the family that surrounded them.

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