Wedding Dresses during Covid-19 – An Interview with Jan Carroll – Owner of Boca Bridal

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I know it’s starting to feel like Covid-19 will last forever. But I promise – it won’t. If your big day is coming up and you’re wondering how to plan for delays, Jan Carroll, owner of South Florida’s largest bridal boutique – Boca Raton Bridal, is here to fill you in on everything you need to know.

If you have any more questions regarding dress shopping during Coronavirus, please reach out to the amazing staff at Boca Raton Bridal.  Their boutiques showcase the best designers available in bridal design today, including Galia Lahav, Mira Zwillinger, Martina Liana, and so many more. Their customer service is second to none in Florida and they are working incredibly hard during this time to ensure every single bride is taken care of.


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Jan Carroll, owner, Boca Bridal.


Q: I ordered my dress right before the quarantine, what kind of delays should I expect for production?

Jan: Hooray for ordering! You will definitely have a dress. It is reasonable to expect some delays in current orders.  From what we are seeing 2 months delay is the most to currently expect.  That being said all of our designers are watching the wedding dates and those upcoming are getting priority.  All of our designers are still operating, even if it’s limited capacity so there is no need to panic that you won’t get your gown in time!  We have been assured by everyone that NO wedding will be missed.

Q: Am I still able to get alterations done right now?

Jan: We are still offering alterations, but at a very limited schedule.  Both locations are able to see brides for alterations only on a case by case basis.  Please know that you will be the only one in the salon at the time, you are allowed to bring a total of 2 people with you and we ask that you bring a mask.  Both locations are being sanitized daily.  We are here via phone or email at all times as both are being rolled over to us at home during the hours we are not in the stores.

Q: My wedding got postponed to 2021, what is the best way to store my dress until then?

Jan: Storing the gown is easier than you think.  2021 will be here before you know it and as long as the gown is kept in an air conditioned location it doesn’t require much else.  We provide a breathable cloth bag for you so all you need is a little closet space away from pets, fiancés and water and you are good to go.  We will be welcoming all of our brides back for alterations when the new wedding date arrives.


Q. I don’t have a dress yet and with all these delays, I’m cutting it really close for getting my dress on time. What do I do?
Jan: You will have some options based on your level of flexibility and how close you really are.  There are still some designers that are running on a 4 month delivery schedule.  Unfortunately most are not offering rush deliveries at this point.  There are also a few designers that have some dresses in hanging inventory that are available immediately. The best option is to shop for store samples.  It’s a great way to get the dress you really want, generally for a lot less money. It will already be in-store so you can start alterations right away and there’s no stress it may not be delivered on time.  Depending on your wedding date this is not the time to shop 27 stores and try on 100 dresses. The luxury of time is gone and honestly that generally makes making a decision harder for you. Think information overload.  Use this time to really think about how you want your day to look. If you haven’t tried dresses yet be open and flexible when you do. What’s fabulous in a styled photo is not always fabulous in person or on you. Gather your ducks and be ready to roll as soon as you’re able.
Q: My bridal party still needs to pick out their dresses. Are you able to do virtual appointments for them? 
Jan: Absolutely. Keep in mind bridesmaid designers generally require 4 months and at this point they are all running at least that, some are currently at 20-24 weeks.  Like the bridal designers, no rushes are currently being offered. A very select few have some hanging inventory but most do not. Now is a great time to really decide what you want your girls to do and maybe step in and help them a little bit. We are happy to help create story boards with colors, styles etc. that we can share with your bridal party. They can call us directly so we can help in picking out styles.


Galia Lahav Mira Zwillinger Martina liana

Mordern Luxury Planners Luncheon & Fashion Show at Norton Museum

Galia Lahav Mira Zwillinger Martina liana

Mordern Luxury Planners Luncheon & Fashion Show at Norton Museum

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